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Tue Sep 23 19:31:28 PDT 2003

LOVE this, too! :-))

C'mon, teach me how to do it! I want to play, too!


At 07:38 PM 9/23/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>To this point, there has been no requirement of end-rhyme. End-rhyme is
>where the words at the end of two lines rhyme, such as in "Roses are
>red" and many nursery rhymes.  Rhyming as we know it today was not used
>often in early times.  It started to grow in popularity after the
>millennium, and predominated poetry by the High Middle Ages.
>Exercise #4 asks you to write two stanza in the form know as "ballad".
>It is iambic, as before (duh DUH duh DUH ...).  The first and third line
>are iambic tetrameter (four feet) and the second and fourth line are
>iambic trimeter (three feet).  The second and fourth line should rhyme.
>To keep it just a little bit difficult, let's use nothing but perfect
>rhymes.  As for topic, write about a humorous situation.
>An example:
>My love is all alone this night,
>Her bed an empty sea,
>Where once the storms of passion blew
>And carried her to me.
>She lies in sleep so well reposed,
>A smile above her chin.
>And if I beg forgiveness true
>She might let me back in.
>Ulf Gunnarsson
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