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Tiggy, that's wonderful - you're an inspiration!  We're working on bardic activities for 25th Year at the moment, and they will include a competition for Ansteorra history (or Ansteorra-centric) pieces.  I think you've laid down the challenge for us!

antigonus bearbait <antigonus at lycos.com> wrote:

Greetings unto the bards of Ansteorra --

Hey, guys, it's Tiggy.

Well, we have 25th Year comming up soon. I'm working on a piece to help comemorate it, and thought I'd drop it to the list. I'm kinda working on encouraging Ansteorran pieces here locally so that when the event comes we're not all just sitting around looking at each other after ANOTHER rendition of "The Rising of the Star." <>

Submitted (below) for your approval, this particular piece is called "We Sing of Fifty Crowns," sung to the tune of the christian hymn, "Crown Him with Many Crowns."

What do you guys think?

Much Thanx --

We sing of fifty crowns
Beneath a sable star,
See how the black & gold surrounds
The noblest that there are.
>From out of Adenvelt
A sable star did rise,
Through twenty-five years shining down:
The brightest in the skies.

We sing of a sable star
That over all doth shine,
Whose children bear upon their brow
The mark of royal line.
Oh, lift your voice and sing!
The star that shines for thee
Still shines untarneshed by the years
Of a quarter century.

We sing of a single crown
That no one man may own,
And though the sword may stake a claim,
Still beauty makes her own.
Adieu, to Adenvelt,
Your child shall ne'er be far.
For with the setting of the sun
Comes the rising of the star.

We sing of the black and gold
For five and twenty years,
Whose standard still is lifted high
Through laughter and through tears.
The pillars of our land
On bended knee did vow,
And on their shoulders side by side
Stands Ansteorra now.

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