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Lady Annes,

My apologies for taking so long to get back to you -- RL has been its usual 
busy self.

I will complete the release forms, and will forward you the final version 
of the poem, most likely this weekend.

Thank you for your interest. Mistress Stella has asked me to send it to the 
Blackstar as well.

Thank you,

HL Esther of Ennis Merth

At 03:51 PM 07/30/2004, you wrote:
>  Greetings and Hello,
>Forgive my posting this to an open list. I am however, unsure as to the 
>author/authoress of the poem sent to this list or I would have contacted 
>them privately. I would crave that they privately answer my request below 
>by replying to this email using my private address which is 
><mailto:hlannes at ev1.net>hlannes at ev1.net . I feel this is something that 
>should be kept for the future to witness.
>I am the Honorable Lady Annes Clotilde von Bamburg, Kingdom Historian. 
>Your attached email below contains information that I wish to archive into 
>the Historian’s files. Please be aware that these files may be referenced 
>and/or possibly included in a historical display in the future. May I have 
>your permission to include this email into the Kingdom Historical files? 
><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
>In order to cover the legal bases, click “Reply”, state your wish to have 
>this email be included in the files, and sign the answer with both your 
>SCA name and your legal mundane name. Please do not delete any of this 
>message nor your attached email. Thank you for considering my request. 
>Until then, I remain
.In Service,
>H.L. Annes Clotilde von Bamburg
>Kingdom Historian
>MKA Darlene Vandever
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>(For Dona Antonia)
>I heard the roll of the Honored Dead:
>Heaven trembles with a new Hero's tread.
>I did not know the man, but I know the loss ~
>A Black Star fallen far from home,
>A man who did not count the cost.
>He must have been quick of grin,
>Bright-eyed, strong... perhaps a taste for gentle sin.
>Baron Thomas's Man,
>Sir Kein's Good Left Hand ~
>Now Guardsman in the Stellar Host that rides above this land.
>When Love cries, pearls are born:
>Adornment for a circlet never worn.
>His life was given in our care ~
>A Sable Shield his Croix de Guerre.
>His memory is left to us to save... the bitter Glory of the Brave.
>So this our honor, and this our pledge:
>His name will lend our steel a sharper edge.
>We will remember him in deed and word,
>His Lady KC's Own True Lord,
>Ansteorra's Baron Friedrich von Koningsburg.
>HL Esther of Ennis Merth
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