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How about 
"The Book of the Harp and Star"
Being a collection of compositions, verse, prose 
and song from her Majesties College of Bards.

Or some variation there of. I went on the idea of following the theme of the badge for the Queens College of Bards which in heraldese is  "Or, a mullet of five greater and five lesser points within the frame of an Irish harp sable". 

(An ansteorran star inside a black harp frame on a yellow feild for any one who wants english)


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  "Aon Réalta, Mórán Guth"... meaning "One Star, Many Voice"(I couldnt find the word for voices) Its Irish-Gaelic.

  04 12:35 , Susan Bowen <philippa at ev1.net> sent:

    I like Voices of the Star; please, nothing with "Dream" in it.
    Baroness Philippa
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      I'd like to tie Ansteorra into the title (either by name or by symbol), so it can be identified as specific to our kingdom, since either the authors are Ansteorrans, or the pieces are about Ansteorra.

      How about:
      Stellar Voices
      The Ansteorran Bard  (Akin to the Ansteorran Gazette for heralds)


      Susan Gideon <twilit16 at swbell.net> wrote:
        I like this too, Singing The Dream

        Baroness Elayne


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