[Bards] Bard Brain!

Bella sorrowsong at cox.net
Thu Aug 26 21:49:19 PDT 2004

Suddenly I'm reminded of the Wuuby speech from Mr.Mom for some reason. 

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  >> You won't like the cure for it, but I swear it works.  Sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb".

  > Then won't *that* be stuck in my head?  I'm not sure it would be better.  I'll try it, though!

  That's right.  It starts with the occasional sip of two pieces you enjoy after dinner.  Then a couple of glasses of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" before dinner.  Soon you're drinking the hard stuff -- "Gilligan's Island" on ice.  Eventually you're on Skid Row guzzling "It's a Small World" straight from the bottle.

  Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin


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