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Not so long ago, I had written eleven Elizabethan sonnets and was beginning number twelve, when I was commissioned to write a Petrarchian sonnet for the invitations being sent out for Stargate Yule.  I set aside Sonnet 12 and wrote two Petrarchian sonnets (13 & 14), but never went back to 12.  I even went so far as to write Sonnet 15, still ignoring 12.  Well, I finally went back to fill in the hole in my numbering, so without further ado, I give you Sonnet 12, titled...
(Money, Money, Money, Money....)

Alas, my friend there is no Sonnet Twelve

For this I feel I must apologize.

Commissions came and so I had to shelve

This page, that I might now commercialize.

My baroness has called on me to scrawl

A sonnet in Italian style and verse,

>From young Venetian lover to enthrall

The Queen of France, so I can fill my purse.

Though to the side this page I must retire,

In doing so will bring me riches grand.

If finer things in life I shall acquire,

A patron’s gold I need to have in hand.

Fear not, my friends, I promise to return

But for the while, a living I must earn.


(incidentally, I didn't actually receive payment for the Petrarchian pieces, but there was great reward in being approached to write something for the invitation.  As it turned out, I wrote two pieces for the Baroness to pick one from and she told her scribe to include both poems.  High praise in my book. :)  )



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