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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  Alden....if this info is correct and to your liking I will post it on my bardic page and calendar.

Cathy Polakoff <cathy.polakoff at comcast.net> wrote:
Hi Elanor!

Mea culpa for taking so long to get this out, but I got the flu and as a result have not bothered with my emails for a couple of weeks. In answer to your question below, I can't think of anything different offhand, but maybe something will come to me. In response to your question from the last bardic, the information I have so far on the bardic collegium is below, for anyone who is interested. Hope this helps!

The Bardic Collegium is being held the second weekend of November, as part of the Battle of Three Kings (Tyler, Tx). Classes will be held on a wide variety of subjects relating to the bardic arts, and there will be an opportunity to perform (strictly for fun and practice, I think) in the evening. The entry fee for Three Kings will also include entry to the Collegium. This is an outdoor event, but there should be tents and pavilions to provide modest cover, at least for some of the classes. Sir Alden will be providing bard books (for free, I believe) to anyone interested at the event. Bard books will also be available after the event if you can't go. This is all I know so far, but you can get more information from Dona Antonia, who is autocrating the Collegium, or from Alden, who is helping her (not sure if he's a co-autocrat or not). I do know that they are still looking for teachers, and also for bardic pieces to include in the book.

I'll see you in a couple of weeks, and I should have my poem ready by then.

In Service with a smile,
Anna bat Chaim

At 07:25 AM 8/12/2004 -0700, you wrote:
Hey folks in the DFW area!
I'm looking for any ideas and/or information on what you  would like to do, see, discuss, work on, etc. in our Elfsea Bardics. 
I can keep on running them like we have been, but I'd really like some input on what you want and need from this venue. 
I'd also like to extend an open invitation to any and all who can or wish to attend the Bardic. It's generally held on the second Monday of the month, at my house, starting at around 6:00 p.m.
You can contact me for directions and info. Also, I am available for impromptu workdays if you want or need them.
Your help and input will be most greatfully accepted by this humble bard.
Many thanks,
Elanor O'Ruark

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