[Bards] A Question of Timing in Elfsea

antigonus bearbait antigonus at lycos.com
Thu Feb 26 07:33:47 PST 2004

Hey --

Tiggy here.

All right, from the Springfair Website: 

"Title Bard Competition -- No theme.  Story, song, or poem.  Single round.  Performance must be five minutes or less in duration."

**FIVE** minutes?

Are we SURE about this?

I’m really just asking, but a PERIOD piece COMPLETE with introduction in under five minutes?  Even WITHOUT the introduction, that's pushing it.

Now, granted, I have won the Elfsea bardic competition in under 5 minutes -- but it was in the final round of a 3-round competition, there was little if any introduction, and it was an original piece.

That, and five minutes in a single round seems an awfully short time to judge a bard that will be representing your barony for the following year.

What do you think?

Much thanx –


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