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Wed Jan 7 00:59:03 PST 2004

Greetings all,
 Here's a couple of pieces I finished in December
The Sailor's Widow
by Wayland

Faraway, faraway cross the water,
there's a woman who stands by the shore.
and she stares into the mists of the harbor,
sure she'll never see her love ever more.

He was kind, he was strong, he was handsome.
many songs would he write and all for her.
His days would he spend on the ocean
but at nights they would dance on the shore.

Now he's gone, now he's gone over the waters,
for he answered the drums call to war
They were married scarce a year, and were happy,
now she'll never see her love ever more

In the mountains, the drums are pounding
in the valley pipes are playing low
in the passes you can hear horses thunder
her warrior love is coming home

and she stares into the mists of the harbor,
and she cradles her love in her arms
Naught but ashes and his memory are left her
Now she'll never see her love ever more

The Blossom of the Harbor  by Wayland
 When the sun rises over the horizon
 and the water turns to gold
 The dolphins flirt where bow meets foam
 as the boat races toward home
 The Blossom of the Harbor watches from the shore
 each passing crewman tries to swell his chest a little more
 to catch her eye, a chance to speak, the moment slips away
 and so each night the sailors dream of the Blossom seen that day.
 I was a wild pirate who loved the battle roar,
 I've happily surrendered by leaping overboard, 
 Her love, I seek, more than any golden hoard 
 I spend my nights gazing into the eyes
 of the Blossom on the Shore

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