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Oops - Sorry to have continued on a topic that is dead.




I would be delighted to help with this event - and I think it is an
excellent idea.

I will offer up the two classes I have had good experiences with
teaching in the past which are:


Vocal/Performance Coaching

Performance Technique


I have several other ideas for classes that I would hope to have time to
prepare, but I can't make any promises. Let me know if any of these
seems really interesting to you.


Beginning Music Theory (how to start learning to read music)

Historical Harmony (The beginnings of polyphony)

Bardcraft in other Kingdoms (What's it like over there?)

How to choose a piece that's right for you (Finding your medium)

Choral conducting


Round tables?


Define "bardcraft"  - with Robin, Pendaran, Willow, Robert Fitz Morgan,
and someone who has been in the SCA for less than a year.


Tricks of the trade - (Overcoming stage fright, don't eat candy before
you sing, warm-ups, how to get an audience's attention)

                                    (Simone, Antonia, Gerald, Kat, And
I'd love to be on this panel)


Music trading circle - go around the circle on topics such as "What's
the first song/poem that you remember hearing in the SCA, or What's the
best thing you ever wrote - or what do you think your strongest piece
is, and why"


A "do that thing you once did" circle. Go around and each person
requests a piece that you have heard someone do - or that is your
favorite of someone else's. You don't perform when it is your turn - you
pass or request.



I'd also like to see a couple of Bardic Challenges. I recently attended
an event called Bardic Madness in which the categories were posted
months ahead of time, giving people time to write or find a piece about
or including, say, The lily and the rose, or My King has called, and I
must go, or write or perform a sonnet - or a Triolet - or a ballad. It
really sparked creativity. Maybe just a few of these - otherwise - it
could take up a whole day/evening.


Wow - I'm full of it...er..of ideas.


Hope any of these are useful.


I would happily put an original piece into a book.








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Since our previous hot topic has died down a bit, I'd like to start up a
new one that might not be quite so controversial.  It is my hope to
organize a bardic collegium for the late spring or summer of this year,
either hosted by Steppes or attached to an existing event.  If hosted by
Steppes, it would technically be a local or regional event given the
kingdom limitations on the number of kingdom-level events hosted by each
group, but I would love to see it grow and draw bards from thoughout the
kingdom.  This is in the absolute beginning stages of preparation and so
can be shaped to fit the needs of the participants.  I'd like to get
input on the following subjects:


Classes you'd like to see (and who might teach them)

Panel discussions you'd like to attend (and who would be good

Would you attend and/or teach (if available to do so) and what factors
might encourage your attendance?

Should it be attached to some other event or something all its own?

Would you be willing to contribute original pieces to a book to be sold
or given at the event?

Other issues I haven't thought of


Any takers?




It's the little things in life...


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