[Bards] a new song

Megan Henderson gs_gem at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 17 13:24:02 PST 2004

greetings while catching up on whats happened out there i had this pop into my head would appreciate any oppions or sugestions on it, and yes it will probly continue changeing and growing in my head till its acctually preformed for someone
oh the life of a bard is a challange
and the life of a bard is a laugh
though there be questions and quaries
as we travel through the days
so long as we know our stories
so long as we know our works 
we can see the world so clearly
as we do give honour to the past
to get to see the stories as they come alive
to feel the times of old as we listen to others of our craft
it makes me glad that the bardic art doth still exist
for withour it i believe life should be quite drab
so let us sing our songs and tell our stories unto the end of time

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