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Why did more of you not compete? This question is in no way meant to shake a 
finger at anyone, as I have only competed in one kingdom Eisteddfod myself, 
and had a different reason each year for not competing until then. I have 
participated in/judged many baronial and shire title bard competitions which had 
twenty or more competitors, and I wonder what the difference is. I am asking to 
see if we can help strengthen the community by discovering what 
    My current job makes it difficult for me to attend many events.  I work 
weekends and have to take vacation to go to an event.  To be the Bard of 
Ansteorra has been a goal of mine for many years.  If I had entered and won I could 
not have done the title justice.  I didn't want to win and then not be able to 
be the kind of Premiere Bard that Ansteorra deserves.  
    I didn't want to enter if I wasn't trying to win.  I entered last year 
because it looked like we didn't have many competetors.  I wasn't really 
prepared and wasn't trying to win, because again my mundane life wasn't going to let 
me do it properly.   It left a bad taste.  I decided I didn't like entering 
competitions when I wasn't making a serious effort to win.  

Robert Fitzmorgan
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