[Bards] On stage fright and confidence

Samuel E Orton iainmacc at juno.com
Thu Jan 8 01:14:52 PST 2004

On Wed, 7 Jan 2004 23:10:27 -0600 "Darius of the Bells"
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I think that some level of stage fright is inherent the make up of a
performers mind. We worry because we want our audience to enjoy the
performance we give. In the end we as entertainers are interested in what
people think of us and what we do. A famous actor (I am trying to
remember which one currently) said some thing to the effect of, 'the only
time we stop being afraid in front of an audience is when we stop
caring.' When I stop caring I will stop telling tales and singing songs,
until then I will be pacing and nervous waiting my turn with every one

        I long ago decided that if I was about to perform and felt no
butterflies, that's when I should REALLY be scared. That lack of
butterflies tells me I've gotten cocky, and therefore I'm probably about
to give a performance that I won't be proud of later.

In Joyful Service,

      Iain MacCrimmon
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