[Bards] From Eleanor Fairchild - on Eisteddfod

Samuel E Orton iainmacc at juno.com
Thu Jan 8 01:34:34 PST 2004

        I must admit, the comments on documentation strike home with me
somewhat. I have great respect for our Master Bards, I have no wish to
belittle their ability, nor do I wish to be rude. It's just a matter of
personal priorities.
        The simple fact is, I don't compete much at any level, because I
honestly don't care whether I impress the judges. I'm a performer, I'm
there to win the house. To my way of thinking, if I got roaring applause,
or better still, that endless moment of absolute silence when I'm done,
before the spell lets them go... then I won. In the face of that, it
doesn't matter to me what the judges thought, or who goes home with the
        I stand by something I said a few years ago at the competition
for Steppes Title Bard:
        "I am, at heart, a bard. And if the truth be told.... should I
bring a smile to a single face, bring joy to a single heart, lighten for
a moment a single soul.... well, that's honor enough for a simple man the
likes of me."
        I performed a new piece ("Elegy"), and had the crowd in the palm
of my hand for the time I was in front of the fire. Robin did better than
I, as did Darius, who took the title, and probably several others.... but
I still won.

In Joyful Service,

      Iain MacCrimmon

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