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Mon Jan 12 12:34:12 PST 2004

> Classes you'd like to see (and who might teach them)

Beginning classes in poetry, story-telling, and song.  I can do poetry, so can many others.  Willow is my first choice for story-telling. I'm not good enough to identify the best teachers of song.

Generic performing classes (voice projection, stage presence) 

Advanced courses in specific topics (specific period styles, etc., how to tell Ansteorran history, etc.).  These will be people's specific interests, and so they will volunteer.  For interest, I'd like to bring out my class on period rhetoric and poetic devices.

> Panel discussions you'd like to attend (and who would be good participants)

What makes a piece work.
Period Styles.
Holding an Audience.
(Mistress Serena suggests) How to choose the right piece for the right moment.

> Would you attend and/or teach (if available to do so) and what factors might encourage your attendance?

Yes, I will be there.  General attendance is improved by making it sound fun, worthwhile, and comfortable.

> Should it be attached to some other event or something all its own?

There are plusses and minuses each way.  If it's on its own, it's smaller, more intense, and loses money.  If it's attached to something else, it loses focus, and individual students and teachers get pulled away for other duties or activities.  If our branches or kingdom are willing to lose money on a bardic-intrensive event, that will help us a lot.  But is it worth the loss?

> Would you be willing to contribute original pieces to a book to be sold or given at the event?

Absolutely.  It would be worth trying to find the bards who have left, as well.  Lost pieces from Cadfan, Cedric, and others who no longer perform would be a wonderful benefit.  Mistress Serena points out that we need to ensure that copyright is explicitly retained by the authors, not accidentally and implicitly transferred to Ansteorra.

> Other issues I haven't thought of

What's a good site?  Nice classrooms, and (this is important) one or more good *evening* locations for performances.  We also need a place to practice projection that would not bother everybody else.  (Mistress Serena points out that a projection class that moves between different sized rooms shows some things that can't be shown any other way.)  Classes help us get better, but long sessions performing for each other are what gives us our focus, joy, and mutual support.  An Academy of the Rapier can be a daytime event only, but a meeting of bards can't.

(Mistress Serena adds that you might talk to Elfsea/Three Bridges about the University Center at UTA, a site they've sometimes used.  It's central to the kingdom, near two interstates, and has a theater on the first floor.  Philip White has rented this site more than once, and probably has info on costs.)

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
Serena Lascelles / Diane Rudin
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