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Tim Jennings tim at roseneath.ca
Mon Jan 12 16:41:28 PST 2004


If you give me enough notice, and Truly (or a local hotel) would put up with
me again, I would be interested in coming to this event and helping out.

I have been running the Bardic symposiums at Pennsic and also the "Knowne
World Bardic College and Cooks Collegium" events (ok - The Bardic 1/2's) for
a number of years...and a goodly portion of the Knowne World bards travel a
lot (I have a huge contact list if you need it).

But if you see it as a 'local's only' event, I will not be offended:)

Either way, I have an excellent digital compendium of our class notes from
the last Knowne World event if people would like it (I can send it to anyone
who asks - email me privately at this address)

All the best,

Garraed (see: Ealdormerian spy)

PS: It’s a shame you dropped that other topic - I think defining the nature
of bardic arts, and also the art vs. artifact/dream vs. theme arguments, are
really good topics and needs a lot of ongoing and polite discussion. But
then, we northerners are occasionally known for rabble rousing;)

Tim Jennings
Managing Director
Roseneath Theatre
519 787 2399

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Since our previous hot topic has died down a bit, I'd like to start up a
new one that might not be quite so controversial.  It is my hope to
organize a bardic collegium for the late spring or summer of this year,
either hosted by Steppes or attached to an existing event.  If hosted by
Steppes, it would technically be a local or regional event given the
kingdom limitations on the number of kingdom-level events hosted by each
group, but I would love to see it grow and draw bards from thoughout the
kingdom.  This is in the absolute beginning stages of preparation and so
can be shaped to fit the needs of the participants.  I'd like to get
input on the following subjects:



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