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Oh my gosh! Has Phoenix frozen over? *wink* LOVE YOU

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--- Darius of the Bells <masterdarius at earthlink.net>
> And I further promis theat if I teach I will have my
> handouts proof read.
> Darius
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>   Like every one else as long as I don't have
> another big fire going, I'll be there. I'll help
> teac, put Tp in the privies or help any other way I
> can. 
>   On your topics of feedback:
>   >Classes you'd like to see (and who might teach
> them)
>   Elizabethen language, how to score music (basics
> of course), How to read an Audience, 
>   >Panel discussions you'd like to attend (and who
> would be good participants)
>   I am not much for Panel discussions but it is one
> of the more effective was to discuss Documentation
> and get multiple views on it.
>   >Would you attend and/or teach (if available to do
> so) and what factors might encourage your
> >attendance?
>   Like I said unless I have a bigger fire going I'll
> be there, I will teach if I am there as well
>   >Should it be attached to some other event or
> something all its own?
>   Either way is fine although doing it as an
> independant event would allow us to have more
> PErformance centered activities the whole event
>   >Would you be willing to contribute original
> pieces to a book to be sold or given at the event?
>   Sure
>   Darius>
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