[Bards] Bardic collegium

Brian & Pam Martin twinoak at cox-internet.com
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Please not Elfsea Springfaire - The Baron's Men are hoping to perform The
Merry Wives of Windsor there and if we do, I'll be too busy with that to do
anything else. :) 

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Elfsea Spring Faire.... Probably not the best choice. There will be the
Elfsea Bardic competition as well as the King of Fools and Baronial Artisan
competition all going on. This is not including any Rapier, Heavy Weapons,
Archery, et cetera ad infinitum
Resident of Elfsea 

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I agree with Master Robin that UTA would make an ideal location, if we can
get it. Also, if we were to join with another event, what about Elfsea

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