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Dona Antonia ~

1) Seek multiple sponsors for the event; two would do. That would get it on
the calendar and increase the base of support for the event. Yes? No? Good
idea? Bad idea?

2) Stand Alone

3) Yes, I would contribute an original work to a fundraising book.

4) I would volunteer to do a class on Petrarch, Dante, Boccacio, and the
Neo-Platonist vernacular types of the early Italian Renaissance type poets.
The idea would be that the participants would leave with an understanding of
the period works, further reading, and a solid understanding/reference
material for recreating original works in the formats developed by these
masters, and how these masters created their own formats based on their
study of previous masters. (Two hours, though....)

5) Feast?

6) Anything I can do to help with prep work and planning, let me know!

HL Esther of Ennis Merth
Glaslyn's Bard of the Flame

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  Since our previous hot topic has died down a bit, I'd like to start up a
new one that might not be quite so controversial.  It is my hope to organize
a bardic collegium for the late spring or summer of this year, either hosted
by Steppes or attached to an existing event.  If hosted by Steppes, it would
technically be a local or regional event given the kingdom limitations on
the number of kingdom-level events hosted by each group, but I would love to
see it grow and draw bards from thoughout the kingdom.  This is in the
absolute beginning stages of preparation and so can be shaped to fit the
needs of the participants.  I'd like to get input on the following subjects:

  Classes you'd like to see (and who might teach them)
  Panel discussions you'd like to attend (and who would be good
  Would you attend and/or teach (if available to do so) and what factors
might encourage your attendance?
  Should it be attached to some other event or something all its own?
  Would you be willing to contribute original pieces to a book to be sold or
given at the event?
  Other issues I haven't thought of

  Any takers?


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