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This has been discussed in the north before. I know the response from the bards up here has been overwhelmingly positive. And I'm sure there are quite a few up here, particularly those who are new to bardcraft, that would love to take classes. Whether it is enough to support a full event I don't know. Unless we could find a way to keep people entertained, offer performances as well as classes. 
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  I am overwhelmed and overjoyed to see the response to my questions.  While I busily assimilate all suggestions and volunteers into my trusty spreadsheet, here's another thought.

  Many people have written that they would love to attend - most responses have included an offer to teach (too cool!).  Do you think we'll be able to pull many people who are not on this list?  Think carefully about this - the answer will have a very big impact on whether I try to make it it's own event or attach it to something else.  An additional thought - King's College is on the calendar for June (site TBA) - I could ask the autocrats to allow one or two tracks of bardic classes.  Comments?


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