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Erm, okay, here's a strange idea....

If you want fighters, you could make it part of the event. For example, have
a Pas -- one of those fancy dancy period things, and part of the class
structure could be HOW to have one, including writing the poems for the
participants.... Probably not the best idea, I know, and I would think that
it would be on a Sunday, like they had the fighter practice after

I like the idea of an indoor event ~ and I like the idea of no wood smoke.
(Which doesn't necessarily mean no fire.) Wood smoke plays up my sinuses
like merry hell.

Also, we could possibly do some fundraising things (bardic and non-bardic)
to offset the cost of the event?

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  I think it would be great to have an event all about Bardic, or maybe even
just minimize the fighting and team up with A&S people to do a Arts of the
Society Event.  The classes all have mentioned have been things I want to
take, and want to learn.  I don't feel I am qualified to teach anything.  I
only recently started doing Bardic work.  Most of what I have done is self
taught, it would be wonderful to learn from others and become a great Bard
instead of just a campfire entertainer.  I live in the Western Region, and
we have several people involved in Bardic here.  Is there a way we could
have such an event central to all regions so that we could have maximum
participation.  Would such an event be a weekend or just a Saturday.  I like
the weekend camping things personally but I'm not sure if there would be
enough participation to make it feasible.  What do you think.
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