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[ED Reese]

(c) 2004

 Call to Estrella

Red arrow flying!

Black Star Rising

Over Blood Red Sun!

Glory to be won!

Deeds to be done

On fields of dread!

Falcon will be fed!

War lies ahead

For Blackstar's foe!

Dealing death blow!

Biting swords show

Their strength, striking.

Lancers charging!

Heavy hooves drumming;

Iron-shod attack!

Foemen reel back!

Bows sing, axes hack

Shield punches jar!

Heroes Stellar!

On War's altar

Tribute heaping!

Steel blades clashing!

Brave souls dying

Of battle's fever.

Foemen waver!

Most sleep forever

'Neath Death's dark wood.

Royal brotherhood!

Triumph in bud,

Flow'ring ahead.

Foemen have fled!

The living dead,

Cowards men shun.

Falcon Flying!

Black Star Rising

Over Blood Red Sun!

[ED Reese]

I am wondering if I have heard "Black Star Rising Over Blood Red Sun"
somewhere else....

Anyway, the discussion on documentation got me reminiscing about my Italian
Ren studies, especially the kind of numerological tricks the Florentines
liked to play. The opening line was something His Majesty said at
Coronation, when pledging Ansteorran support to Calontir (the Falcon
thrones) at Estrella War. The Blackstar Rising Over Blood Red Sun is how I
mentally "blazon" the Ansteorran Arms.

I made up the rhyme scheme "in the style of Dante", so that there are three
lines in every verse, and instead of the nine syllables of terze rime per
line, I used four. I used four -- except for the five in the Blood Red Sun
line, which should actually read "o'er" instead of over. Yes, they used
those syllable shrinking things, too.

The rhyme scheme is aab, bbc and so on. To give myself a tighter limit, so I
could get to what I wanted to say faster, the rhyme that changes in each
verse, rhymes with its numerical equivalent in the line "Blackstar rising
over blood red sun." The blood verse is somewhat off, for the simple fact
that not a lot rhymes with blood, but what the hey. I started this at 2:30
in the morning, because I couldn't get to sleep. :-)

Feel free to lambaste away!

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