[Bards] Bardic Collegium

Martha Schreffler mot at swbell.net
Tue Jan 13 07:18:07 PST 2004

I am interested in attending the collegium. 
I wonder if someone can do a class on copyrite (when something's okay to use, how to protect your own work, etc. )?  
I don't know if bardic includes instrumental but, if so, I could do beginning recorder or harp.  
Someone mentioned Child ballads as being okay for SCA. I once did a personal survey of existing folk songs like those in the Child collection to see if I could pinpoint characteristics that would help a person write SCA songs that had a similar feel.  I think my findings might make an interesting class (if not certifiably scholarly) for those interested in folk.
I like the idea of a separate event like Kingdom Dance.  
Happy to add to any collection that might be compiled.
HL Mot
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