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MessageHUMMM...........Just thinking (I know it's a dangerous thing for me to do)........Get Miguel to sanction the Bardic collegium and set it as a kingdom event......... The Ansteorran Bardic Collegium.......I like the sound of that.....Ok going to get coffee now.........Good morning

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  When thinking about Crown participation, stop and think about how much a Crown can do to help further your cause. The Crown can bring attention and further participation from others that might not otherwise think to attend. That's especially true of a Crown that has a strong love of the performance arts and I haven't seen a recent Crown with more love of the performance arts than Miguel & Conal.

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    Good point.

    Though, of course, we could do a Court of Love, and make it part of the bardic....


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        Dona Antonia ~

        1) Seek multiple sponsors for the event; two would do. That would get it on the calendar and increase the base of support for the event. Yes? No? Good idea? Bad idea?
      I personally would prefer that it be an off calender event.  That way there shouldn't be a Court.  That leaves more time for Bardic.



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