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Cathy Polakoff cathy.polakoff at comcast.net
Tue Jan 13 11:01:19 PST 2004

I don't feel at all qualified to teach, but I would be happy to help with 
any of the other aspects of running an event (feast, gate, etc.). The only 
exception I can think of off hand is set up and clean up (especially the 
latter) because the dust it kicks up has been known to turn me into a cross 
between a tea kettle (wheezing) and a leaky faucet (sneezing). Hope you 

Just a thought, but if we do this as a separate event (which I like the 
idea of a lot), maybe we could do some sort of potluck feast. That way 
nobody has to spend all day in the kitchen, which would limit both class 
time and performing time. Thought, anyone?

Not real sure how many would come that aren't on this list, but if you 
advertise it right, you should get plenty, especially if there are 
opportunities to watch performances. You might also invite people to bring 
period games to play or calligraphy and illumination to work on, as that 
would provide distraction for, say, family that aren't attending or giving 
classes. It would also fit in with the feel of the event without requiring 
lots of extra help.

Same for dance, not as a class, but as an activity for those who are 

Not too crazy about King's College, since the TBA worries me also.

Oh, and Snorri, um, hard to say for sure what I'll be doing in 2005 or 06, 
but the idea sounds good. Do you really need that much advance to get on 
the calendar? And if so, do you have to plan now, or just reserve a date?

Sorry to be so verbose. Too much caffeine.


At 09:10 PM 01/12/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>I am overwhelmed and overjoyed to see the response to my questions.  While 
>I busily assimilate all suggestions and volunteers into my trusty 
>spreadsheet, here's another thought.
>Many people have written that they would love to attend - most responses 
>have included an offer to teach (too cool!).  Do you think we'll be able 
>to pull many people who are not on this list?  Think carefully about this 
>- the answer will have a very big impact on whether I try to make it it's 
>own event or attach it to something else.  An additional thought - King's 
>College is on the calendar for June (site TBA) - I could ask the autocrats 
>to allow one or two tracks of bardic classes.  Comments?
>It's the little things in life...
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