[Bards] Bardic collegium

willow Taylor willowjonbardc at juno.com
Sun Jan 18 17:43:33 PST 2004

I am thrilled with the idea of the Bardic collegian. We have not had
since AS. 20. They used to be lots of fun. I always enjoyed the panels

In the old days we would have a bardic party/ contest at night. We would
set up place, like a tavern in the  middle east or on our way to
Canterbury, and have secret  judges and the contest was to work a tale
into the evening as to how you got to there and your adventures. The
judges picked the most entertaining

For the collegium I would be willing to teach storytelling 101. Maybe you
could get Finninan to do 201. I could do early Ansteorra bardic history. 
I also teach a class in turning "no shit there I was" stories into bardic

Willow de Wisp

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