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Paul Haines alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 30 06:20:24 PDT 2004

Hi folks,
Here are some updates on the bard book.
1.  It seems people are favorable towards 'Voices of the Star' as a title, so I'm going to go ahead with that.
2.  The list of titled bards (which will be included in the book) is progressing.  Of 42 branches in the kingdom, I'm only missing info on 8.  I'll be calling their seneschals to try and fill in the gaps.
3.  Submissions - keep em coming!  Right now we're a bit poetry heavy, so songs and stories are especially welcome.  If you send a song, pleas send me the music too!  If you can't write music, send me a tape recording and I'll get the music transcribed.  My mailing info is at the bottom.  Stories - space for stories will be limited, depending on their length.
4.  Permissions - Please send a letter of permission to publish your piece (email is fine), for each piece you send.  Also, please send me your contact info (SCA name, mundane name, address, phone, email) - or any part thereof, for inclusion in the back of the book so people can contact you about your piece (maybe to print on other sources).
5.  Deadlines - October 1 is the deadline for all submissions.  If you send in a tape recording of a song, please send it in ASAP for transcription.  Three Kings is in November, so I'll need time for editing, copying, etc.
Yours in service,
Lord Alden Drake
Paul Haines
10627 Mist Lane
Houston, TX 77070
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