[Bards] questing for titled bards

Paul Haines alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 6 12:26:24 PDT 2004

LOL.  Thanks sweetie.  I've already got both of yours and mine, and Brian O'hUilliamson in Gate's Edge.  
BTW - You'll like hearing that you've inspired me to learn a story to use for a competition sometime.  It's "A Chaucerian Tale", by Mistress Morgana bro Morganwg, from Northshield.  It's a GREAT piece, but will take some work to learn/perform.

"D. Vandever" <hlannes at ev1.net> wrote:
Well, let's see....hmmmm....a young kid named Lord Alden Drake is the Shadowlands Titled Bard, or so I'm told....and there's that jumped-up bard out in GatesEdge...somebody told me she somehow managed to get two baronies to name her their bard...let's see...I think the whole name is H.L. Annes Clotilde von Bamburg and I think the baronies were Ravensfort and Steppes.  What is the world coming to?
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