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Rick Drake ainarm at cox.net
Wed Jul 7 12:21:33 PDT 2004

Well I can answer a couple of them.  Chemin Nior does not have a titled bard yet.  They will be holding their first event around November.  Look for the ads soon.  As to Wastelands their bard is Brother Listen from the Western Region somewhere.  Not sure of where though.

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    The list is slowly but surely filling up.  Of 42 branches, I have filled 23 with either the name of their titled bard, or "none" if they don't have a titled bard (of which there's only been two so far).

    I'd like to thank everyone for their continued assistance in this little project.

    The remaining branches to be filled in are: Aldersruhe, Blacklake, Bordermarch, Chemin Noir, Emerald Keep, Ffynnon Gath, Glaslyn, La Marche Sauvage, Lindenwood, Mendersham, Middleford, Rivers Run, Rosenfeld, Seawinds, Stone Bridge Keep, Tempio, Tir Medoin, and Wastelands.

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