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ED Reese edreese at swbell.net
Mon Jul 19 00:06:36 PDT 2004

I hope this isn't impertinent.

(For Dona Antonia)

I heard the roll of the Honored Dead:
Heaven trembles with a new Hero's tread.

I did not know the man, but I know the loss ~
A Black Star fallen far from home,
A man who did not count the cost.

He must have been quick of grin,
Bright-eyed, strong... perhaps a taste for gentle sin.

Baron Thomas's Man,
Sir Kein's Good Left Hand ~
Now Guardsman in the Stellar Host that rides above this land.

When Love cries, pearls are born:
Adornment for a circlet never worn.

His life was given in our care ~
A Sable Shield his Croix de Guerre.
His memory is left to us to save... the bitter Glory of the Brave.

So this our honor, and this our pledge:
His name will lend our steel a sharper edge.
We will remember him in deed and word,
His Lady KC's Own True Lord,
Ansteorra's Baron Friedrich von Koningsburg.

HL Esther of Ennis Merth

At 10:26 PM 07/14/2004, you wrote:
>Yes, I heard about that, and I was very touched. Unfortunately, I was not 
>in court when they did this, so I missed it, but I would love to have been 
>Anna bat Chaim
>At 12:17 PM 7/14/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>>my memory-
>>Duke Miguel honoring those who have served in Iraq- and granting 
>>Frederick the title of Baron... I am too knew to the Society to have 
>>known him, but I doubt there was a single dry eye in the court
>>Kindest Regards,
>>Veronica Venier in the Knowne World
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