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Wed Jul 21 07:56:07 PDT 2004


As one who is very out of practice in singing, I could actually use a class 
in voice, particularly in the area of breathing/projection. I know what I'm 
supposed to do, I just can't seem to do it anymore (too many years since 
high school choir!)

Dona Antonia,

I agree with Melody that this sounds like a wonderful event, and I can't 
wait to hear more. Barring any previous committments I have forgotten about 
or family events I can't get out of (I don't think I have either, but I'll 
check), I will definitely be there. Either way, if there is something I can 
do to help with preparation, please let me know. I'd love to help out.

In Service,
Anna bat Chaim

At 02:20 PM 7/21/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Alden!
>Sorry I didn't get back with you last night.  I had to think about this 
>one.  Actually, I don't have a class prepared which isn't to say that I 
>shouldn't have a class prepared so....  Yes, I am hereby committing to 
>doing some research and coming up with enough know-how to do a class in 
>some area.  Just don't ask me what right now because quite frankly the 
>only think I could teach right now would be voice, ballet, tap (lots of 
>practical SCA applications there!) or children's music.  None of those 
>would work for this so I'd just better get myself doing some research and 
>come up with something.
>BTW, this sounds like a wonderful event!  Good idea.  I'll try to help out 
>in some way.  Maybe refreshments/snacks.  I will have kids that weekend 
>and Askell will be fighting so I will be somewhat limited during the event 
>but will try to juggle babysitting with Askell.  Gee, wonder if I can hire 
>Tiger to help entertain kids?  I'll have to check.
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>>Subject: [Bards] Event Announcement
>>Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 04:54:28 -0700 (PDT)
>>Good people of Ansteorra,
>>We, Dona Antonia Bianca Santiago da Lagos, Premier Bard of Ansteorra, 
>>Master Pendaren Glamorgan, and Lord Alden Drake, are pleased to announce 
>>an event unlike any other to take place in the fairest kingdom in the 
>>Knowne World

>>The Shire of Rosenfeld has graciously agreed to host to the collegium in 
>>conjunction with Battle of Three Kings, on the weekend of November 12-14.
>>We invite bards of all ranks, skills, and styles, lovers of bardic 
>>performance, and all those in search of craft knowledge to come and 
>>partake of a day of classes and an evening of entertainment.
>>Bardic classes will be taught during the day.  Dona Antonia is in charge 
>>of the class schedule and class-related information.  If you are 
>>willing/available to teach, or provide class materials (or are willing to 
>>share a pavilion for use as a class room), please contact her at 
>>dsrummel at yahoo.com.  Once we have an idea of the number and types of 
>>classes being offered, we will post with a schedule.  We will also be 
>>contacting possible teachers directly, but we would love to hear from you 
>>first!  If you aren’t a teacher, but have a class idea in mind, send that 
>>in too and we will try and find a teacher for it.
>>The bardic circle, which will be held in the evening, is being 
>>coordinated by Master Pendaran.  Please get in touch with him if you 
>>would like to volunteer to help with set-up/decorating the circle area, 
>>or if you have any bardic circle related questions.  The format and 
>>fashion of the circle will be announced at a later date.  Master Pendaran 
>>can be reached at twinoak at cox-internet.com.
>>Lord Alden has begun work on The Rising Star (an Ansteorran Bard Book), 
>>which will be available at the event, and in the future in a downloadable 
>>format.  The book is to be a collection of pieces written by Ansteorrans, 
>>and will contain songs, stories, and poetry.  Space is limited to three 
>>pieces per person, and space is limited, so send in your piece 
>>early.  Not all pieces are guaranteed to be included, but a best effort 
>>will be made.
>>Songs are encouraged to be sent with musical notation, which will be 
>>included in the book wherever possible.  Along with your piece, please 
>>include permission to publish the piece. You can contact Lord Alden at 
>>alden_drake at sbcglobal.net.
>>If you have any other questions regarding the Ansteorran Bardic 
>>Collegium, please contact one of us and we will get back to you as soon 
>>as possible.
>>Additional information regarding this event will be forthcoming.
>>In service,
>>Dona Antonia, Master Pendaran, and Lord Alden
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