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That is ironic. However, I thought of the idea for the filk because we
could put "Voices of the Star" in it. "We're the voices of the star,
we're the voices of the star; we're the bards of Ansteorra, and the
voices of the star." Something like that. I don't know this song well
enough to filk it though, so if someone else wants to do it, I don't

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Paul Haines wrote:

> Heh...here's the irony....I initially titled the book "The Rising Star" and have already included "The Rising of the Star" in the songs section of the book - with permission from Sir Balthazar of Endor.  I thought it was a perfect concept.  But I neglected to consider the kingdom award called The Rising Star.  I figured it would be easier to change the book title than the award name. ;)
> Still, your idea to filk Sir Balthazar's song might be fun to do too. :)
> ~Alden
> Marie Adams <marie at adams-manor.org> wrote:
> If we use "Voices of the Star" for the title, maybe someone could
> write a song with that title for the book, to the tune of "Rising of
> the Star." Just a thought.
> Serena D.
> On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, D. Vandever wrote:
> > Or
> > Ansteorra Sings the Dream
> > or
> > Voices of the Star: The Ansteorran Bards Book Vol. I
> >
> > Me personally, because I don't do much singing and you will thank me for it, I would prefer a title which leaves the question open as to exactly "what" is being "voiced"
> > and I like "Voices of the Star" better than "Stellar Voices" because I think it scans better with 5 stresses instead of 4....but that is just me....and there are more chances of doing bardic (poetry, prose and story) which are non singing than singing....there's even spoken chant...
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> > My 3 cents
> > Annes
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> > my dog thinks I am. Amen
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> > How about "Ansteorra Singing The Dream"
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