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Sat May 22 08:58:17 PDT 2004

What a fantastic idea! Just wanted to let all of you
in on this too! Her Excellency Tsivia has really hit
it big with this one!

Lady Eleanor Cleavely
Barony of Sun Dragon
Kingdom of Atenveldt

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> Greetings all from TSivia!
> The bards of Ealdormere had a conclave (circle
> although it was mostly ovoid
> in shape) at our Crown tournament a week ago and I
> asked our newer bards
> "What can WE [the elder bards in the Kingdom] offer
> YOU?"  Lots of what we
> were told had to do with teaching.
> So.  Technology has given us the chance to do
> something unprecedented in the
> history of the SCA's arts and sciences.  I'm willing
> to throw my hat in as
> project co-ordinator as my life is not that
> cluttered at the moment (just
> two books looking to meet deadlines...LOL!).  Here
> is the plan:
> I have been talking off-list to a number of talented
> web-specialists, who
> work with html codes, web design, and much much
> more.  I have been
> consulting with some of the more senior (in
> experience) bardic types from
> around the SCA (at least the ones I have email
> addresses for).   NOW I am
> turning to the bards of the SCA through three
> different email lists (and
> PLEASE feel free to forward this onto Household
> e-lists, kingdom lists,
> principality lists, A&S lists, etc. etc.).
> I would like to see if there is interest in
> launching a Bardic Arts magazine
> covering ALL the activities within the SCA which we
> could call "Bardic".  I
> suggest the name "Bardic Musings" (because of the
> wonderful pun).  It would
> start at every other month "publication", and be
> primarily an on-line
> magazine.  (We would also offer paper copies for
> those who are not web
> enabled, or who don't want to spend the time
> printing off a copy.)
> My wish list (AND every last one of you are very
> VERY welcome to help in all
> ways) includes:
> - PICTURES of bards at events (or not at SCA
> functions if it's a bardic
> tie-in such as Mistress Marian of Heatherdale's
> recent honour acting as
> "Lady of the Roses" at a major musical function in
> Cornwall, U.K.)
> - HOW to articles. How to compose modal music; how
> to write a ballad; how to
> write sestinas; how to stage a mystery play; how to
> be heard in a hall;
> stage presence; how to entertain for children; how
> to research period
> stories; how to write stories/current middle ages
> music/poetry, etc. etc.
> - HISTORICAL articles.  Trouveres and troubadours in
> 12th century Aquitaine.
> The courts of love and their effects on medieval
> love poems.  Biblical
> imagery in a particular author's works.  Islamic
> influence on sufi love
> poems.  The effects of the printing press on popular
> music.  and SO MUCH
> MORE!!
> - ORIGINAL works.  Poems in period forms.  Songs in
> period forms.
> Instrumental compositions in original styles.  How
> to present a Shakespeare
> piece in its original stageing.  Original stories.
> - NOTATED and /or MP3 files of Current Middle Ages
> works and/or source
> music.  The Child Ballad project ties in here as
> it's an
> available-to-everyone source for one style of period
> and periodesque music.
> This is a way to SHARE the works being created all
> across the SCA which we
> "oooh  ahh" over at large events.
> -  REVIEWS: of performances at big events like
> Pennsic, Estrella, Gulf, etc.
> etc.; new mundane music and/or musicians you think
> would be of interest to
> SCAers.  CD releases by SCA musicians.  BOOKS which
> are good sources for SCA
> bardic activities...etc. etc.
> - LANGUAGE articles: translations from other
> languages, compositions IN
> foreign tongues (or old tongues, such as Latin,
> Middle English, Old Norse,
> etc. etc.).
> - IMAGES (digitized) of musicians, performers, poets
> from period sources
> (and therefore copyright-free).  This could become a
> real sharing source for
> SCA publications and researchers.  I have an entire
> photo collection of the
> musicians carved on the lintels of just about every
> arch at Beverley Minster
> <Yorkshire>, and there are over 50 of them! (Beverly
> was the patron city of
> musicians in England, and there are wonderful
> representations of musicians
> all over the city!)
> - NEWS on bards who have received accolades: those
> who are named bard of a
> barony, Kingdom, principality; those who have
> received an Arts award
> (Kingdom or SCA wide); mundane appearances of SCA
> bards, those who win large
> bardic competitions...etc. etc.
> - NEWS on any mundane research which ties into what
> we do as Bards. (E.g.
> anyone's research which names a period song in some
> source prior to 1650; a
> new manuscript of notated instrumental music showing
> up in some old chruch's
> attic, etc. etc.)
> I have asked some of the well-established bards to
> look through their
> archives for old pieces they wrote and may have had
> published over the
> years.  Dust them off, and submit them HERE! My
> first article on
> English/Scottish border ballads was in T.I. back in
> around 1977 or so; I'll
> lay bets it's a pretty "new" article to most folks
> on these lists!
> I don't want this to become "just" a music/song
> bardic publication. I really
> WANT this to cover the entire scope of SCA bardic
> activities: plays, poems,
> ballads, instrumental music, storytelling - maybe
> even puppetry, fool'ing?
> I need YOUR help on this project.  I've been setting
> up the technical help
> and now I need the writers/composers/
> storytellers to start to pitch in.  (Many of us are
> SHY ...even if the
> outsiders don't believe it!!....and so it's a great
> way to get some of your
> writing and work out where people can see it without
> making yourself a
> nervous wreck!)
> I'd like to have this up and flying so that the
> first issue will be out
> before Pennsic (August).  This way we can have some
> sample copies available
> for those who haven't heard about it but would want
> to join the project and
> we can start networking before the biggest SCA
> function of the year.
> So: Feedback time.  Does this appeal? Have I missed
> things you'd like to see
> in Bardic Musings?  Do you have specific WANTS I
> could try and get included?
> Do you have pieces we can use?
> We haven't decided on the web address YET but I have
> had a couple of very
> good offers of web space <yaay!> to consider as our
> location on the
> Internet.
> How can we make this
> the best publication you could have dreamed for?
> In your service
> TSivia (and the amorphous Bardic Musings collective)
> tsivia at uottawa.ca
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> can be mailed to:
> Shelley Rabinovitch
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> Canada
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> Americans a bit more than
> domestic rates.  Verify before posting!)
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