[Bards] Another new Filk

Zach Greggs chrisfroste at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 3 23:52:59 PDT 2004

Yep.  Its me.  And I just wrote a new filk in about 10 minutes or so.....it came to me earlier, i just had to get somewhere where i could get it online....
Filk it
Tune: Whip it
Make that filk
Make it smooth as silk
Once you hear the song
You know which words belong
Once a song comes along
you must filk it
Before someone else comes along
You must filk it
Or they will get it wrong
You must filk it
Now filk it
Make it last
A long time
Get it right
Sing it now
Really loud
Try to perfect it
Its not to late
To filk it
Filk it good
When a good song comes around
You must filk it
To earn yourself renown
You must filk it
No one will hear it

Unless you filk it
I say filk it
Filk it good

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