[Bards] A Lesson Learned from Tadhg(new poem)

Zach Greggs chrisfroste at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 11 12:02:40 PDT 2004

Note: This is a poem, not a song, but its about an incident at Namron's Protectorate this last weekend.  For more details, ask.

A Lesson Learned from Tadhg

An incident at Protectorate
Made me laugh really hard
It touched on my dark side
For I am a bard
It taught me a lesson
One you wont learn from Zen
About shooting cannons
At short little men
They run really fast
Straight to their wives
Who, as we know in Ansteorra
All carry knives
But here the autocrat
Was this short mans wife
And little old Tadhg
Was afraid for his life
He ranted and he raved
About that little shot
And a warning from the seneschal
Was all that we got
The true lesson that we learned
And im trying to make it rhyme
Was that when shooting cannons
We must aim lower next time.

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