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Thu Sep 2 16:55:52 PDT 2004

During my tenure as kingdom bard, I've come to appreciate the wide variety of performing arts practiced within Ansteorra.  From rousing campfire songs to lofty period poetry, from war stories to productions of Shakespeare, we have amazingly diverse interests and remarkably talented people!  I would like my successor to be familiar with and supportive of the many facets of the bardic arts.  To that end:

Eisteddfod, the competition for Titled Bard of Ansteorra, will take place at Steppes Twelfth Night on January 8, 2005.  The rules are as follows.  Participants will be required to perform in three initial rounds: (1) campfire piece, (2) period-style piece, and (3) Ansteorran piece.  In the first round, the piece should be something you might perform at a campfire – no restriction on period or style.  In the second round, the piece should be in a period style or written within period; written documentation will be required, and the piece may be original.  In the third round, the piece should pertain to Ansteorra in some way, whether it be history, myth, legend, or celebratory in nature.  In the first and third rounds, documentation is not required.  After the third round, three to five finalists will be selected and each will perform twice more.  The winner will be chosen from the finalists and announced in court.  There is no restriction on repeating styles or requirement that any
 pieces be original, but diversity is encouraged.

I am enjoying my current position immensely, and when the time comes to turn over the cloak to my successor, I hope to lay it on the shoulders of someone who will love and encourage all aspects of the bardic community.  I invite all the bards in the kingdom to consider entering Eisteddfodd.  If you are unable to enter but will be at Steppes Twelfth Night, please come participate as an audience member.  Further details , such as starting time, will be published closer to Twelfth Night.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you for your consideration and support  – I hope to see and hear all of you soon!  

Doña Antonia Santiago da Lagos

Titled Bard of Ansteorra


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