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Below is the original text of Master Pendaran's entreaty for performers to send letters of intent for Bryn Gwlad's Titled Bard Competition.  I look forward to seeing many fine performances at this year's competition.  Being Bryn Gwlad's titled bard is a high honor indeed.  Further incentive to participate is provided by the chance to perform in the newly constructed Curtain Theatre!  So please send in your letter of intent soon (see below for details)!
In service,
Doña Antonia
Bard of Bryn Gwlad

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Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 17:07:51 -0500

Subject: [Ansteorra-announce] Letters of Intent for the Bryn Gwlad Titled
Bard Competition

To All Bards, Troubadours and Skalds in the Fair Lands of Ansteorra,

I write this missive to the message post to remind any and all
performers who wish to compete for the honor of becoming Bryn Gwlad's
next titled bard that the deadline for letters of intent is drawing
near. His Excellency, Master Thomas, the Baron of Bryn Gwlad has
requested that all who wish to compete for this honored title to submit
to him a letter or intent by October 14th. 

To add further enticement for those who may consider entering this
competition, all should know that it will be held in newly opened
Curtain Theater, the only permanent theater in Ansteorra. Surely all
performers would wish to perform in this beautiful Renaissance theater!

Letters of intent may be sent to: 
G. E. Martt
1416 Hillcrest Drive
Austin, TX 78723

Or to: gemartt at mail.utexas.edu

More information about Bryn Gwlad's Tournament of the Cloth of Silver
and about the bardic competition may be found here:

May Ansteorra's many bards come to Bryn Gwlad and fill the night with
story, verse and song!

Thus I remain,

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