[Bards] Wormy is in the VA

Cathy Polakoff cathy.polakoff at comcast.net
Fri Sep 17 09:15:44 PDT 2004


I'm so sorry to hear about Wormy. Is there anything I can do, either for 
him or for you?

Please let him know he's in my thoughts and prayers, and that I hope he is 
well very soon.

Cathy Polakoff/Anna bat Chaim

At 04:41 PM 9/16/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>Hey folks,
>Wormy is in the VA Hospital in Dallas.
>He went in with swelling in his legs and hands, red splotches on his lower 
>legs, waxy, pale skin, and general malaise, which he has had for several days.
>He was found to have anemia, very low sodium levels, and some blood in his 
>They are keeping him to run more tests and see why these symptoms persist.
>As most of you know, Wormy has only one kidney, and has had trouble with 
>it before. It is possible that he may either be having kidney or liver 
>problems now. His kidney may even be shutting down, and if so, he may have 
>to be on dialysis.
>I will be posting more information as I get it, and I will post his room 
>info if they keep him any longer than tomorrow. If anybody needs more info 
>now you can e-mail me or call my cell # 817-874-1383.
>Please send your thoughts and prayers to Wormy at this time, he needs alot 
>of support to help him get better and come back home. His Morgan misses 
>him, as do we all.
>Hoping and praying,
>Make a joyful noise unto your Kingdom! 293ca43e.jpg
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