[Bards] Bardic collegium

Genie Barrett maggie.gene at justinanimator.com
Sun Dec 11 21:31:41 PST 2005

The highway billboard showed Dawn Rummel smiling proudly and saying:
>Thanks so much to HL Katrina of Coventry for organizing the bardic 
>collegium. Teaching was fun, the classes were more fun, and the open 
>discussion during lunch, though shortened, was very enlightening.  I 
>hope our next kingdom bard will continue the trend and organize yet 
>another bardic collegium!
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>Thanks also to Alden Drake for inviting me to judge the sonnet 
>competition.  I enjoyed the performances, the poems, and discussing 
>poetry foo with you, Alden!  I hope to see more of that sort of 
>thing in the future!

I, too, would like to say thanks to HL Kat and everyone who worked on 
the event.  I had a wonderful time, learned a lot, and hope to teach 
the two classes I taught again, after a bit of editing.

I particularly enjoyed singing in the sea shanty class, and learning 
about all those Elizabethan poets.

You all are so amazing to me, and really inspire me to improve.

Maggie MacPhaerson, Ldy
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