[Bards] Ansteorran Bardic Website

Robert Fitzmorgan fitzmorgan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 21:22:11 PST 2005

    Off the top of my head, things I think might be usefull or
interesting on an Ansteorran Bardic Website:

In no particular order:

1.  A page that lists when and how the various groups choose their
Titled Bard, assuming they have one.

2.  Useful Links for Bardic Reasearch.

3.  Links to other group and individual Bardic Pages.

4.  A Bibliography page of books bards have found useful for reasearch
or material.

5.  As much orginal material written by Ansteorrans as we can get
permission to publish.

6.  Essays of Bardic interest, assuming you can get people to write
and submit them.

7.  While a history of the Bardic College in Ansteorra might be
interesting I would be much more interested in a Bardic history of
Ansteorra.   (That is a history of Ansteorra as told by Bards.)

8.  Lots of other cool stuff that i don't have time to think of right now.


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