[Bards] Fire Walkers wanted? A warning for the near future...

Cathy Polakoff cathy.polakoff at comcast.net
Tue Jul 5 07:46:01 PDT 2005

My lady,

Where might we find the first of these hosted events? I would like very 
much to participate.

Anna bat Chaim

At 09:19 PM 7/2/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>Do you seek to be a bard?
>To lift your voice in song?
>To recite the tales and poetry
>Of a history proud and long?
>And when the battle's over,
>And a victor has been found,
>Do you lift your voice to heroes
>Who lived or died, but held their ground?
>Will you recount the deeds of chivalry,
>And chide the lack of same?
>Lifting mortal men to glory,
>Or bow their heads in shame?
>Can you withstand the test of pride,
>To be just and never vain?
>Knowing when to praise or reprimand,
>And when to temper with restrain?
>Do you seek the dying ember
>Of a disenchanted soul?
>Then fan the flame within it,
>That he rise to reach his goal?
>Do you seek to inspire greatness,
>In those who's way has been hard?
>To make us more than we seem to be?
>Then come and be a bard!
>Do you have what it takes to be a Fire Walker?
>If you think so then come and try.  There will be several Miscreant hosted 
>competitions held to find those who have the "right stuff"
>They will be granted one of the Fire Walker Lanters to carry from camp to 
>camp, list field to court, and such and so forth.
>Once there are enough of you out there, there will be a competion held to 
>find the Prince(Princess) of the Fire Walkers.  (There's a nifty staff 
>with a hook you can hang your lantern from)  But only holders of the 
>lantern will be allowed to compete for this little title.
>BTW, this is our own little way of incouraging entertainers to get out 
>there and move around.  It is time we stop waiting for them to come to us, 
>we must take it to them!
>Any type of performers are eligable including bards, jesters, dancers, 
>musicians, and just about anything else you can think of of course.  You 
>may not be the best competition performer out there, but if you entertain 
>on demand for the good of the populace you have come to the right place!
>And if anyone out there would like to help us in out attempt to bring out 
>the best entertainers in the Known World, let us know.  Any help would be 
>Always in service to you all
>and The Dream,
>-Xian Xue-
>-Title Bard of Elfsea-
>-Miscreant at Large-
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