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Duncan MacNamara duncan_macnamara at charter.net
Tue Mar 1 16:06:18 PST 2005

Greetings... I finally got over my writer's block and finished my mermaid poem. Thought I'd share:

The Mermaid of the Mists
A poem by Lord Duncan MacNamara

The sea was dark and cold on a mitsy moonlit night.

The spray of the sea and a steady breeze were the only comforts of life.

Often it's a lonely time when we sailors put out to sea,

Thats when I smile and remember the time the Mermaid enchanted me...

The evening was dark and melancholy, much as it is this night...

The cold sea air and the mists were there, bathed in the soft moonlight.

We were anchored off Caracas I think, waitin' to re-supply...

When a swell of the ocean crested, and a Goddess caught my eye.

She was small of stature, with flowing golden hair...

Eyes of green that called to me with their enchanting stare.

She started singing then, and I heard a most heavenly voice...

They say that mermaids drown sailors, but I felt I had little choice.

Her wonderous voice called to me, and it put me in a trance.

And when she looked up and reached for me, I had to take that chance.

I stood by the rail and gazed upon her hair's beautiful twists.

She looked up at me and called out "I'm the Mermaid of the Mists".

Then she took me by the hand, and I floated to her arms.

For I was weak and helpless against all her wonderous charms.

She had soft and creamy skin that glowed in the pale moonlight.

Against such a creature of beauty, I'd have never put up a fight.

I went most willingly with her as she guided me to her world.

We swam down deep unto the reef, and the sea-grass doors unfurled.

She brought me down into her home beneath the rolling sea.

Then she said with a certain smile "Here are treasures for you to see".

We spent a most wondeful time that night in her underwater abode.

And I was amazed at the kindness this sea creature had bestowed.

The day was coming on fast and I knew that I must depart...

But I'd always hold a special place for her deep within me heart.

Now I stand at the helm of my ship and dream of better days.

Of the lady of the sea who had put me in such a daze.

I stared wistfully at the fog and listened as the sea hissed.

I'll never forget till the day I die... The Mermaid of the Mists.

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