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Thu Mar 3 13:23:45 PST 2005

I saw this on Livejournal and thought id pass it on for all who are interested.

The Guild Fanucci
(making Life Interesting since A.S. XIII)
Proudly Presents



Starting at the Great Pennsic War XXXIV, the Guild Fanucci will
assemble a panel of Iron Bards par Excellence, in various forms,
against whom you may try your mettle. The top scorers during the first
8 days of competition will be invited to the Finals, which will
include an Improv round.

· Where?: Pennsic War, early round locations: TBA, finals: Pennsic
Performing Arts Pavilion

· When?: Daily chances to come and challenge an Iron Bard to a duel
before the judges.

· What?: Perform head to head with your Iron opponent—before the
judges--In a pair of pieces, one in their area of expertise, one not.
Topics and viewpoints pulled out of a jar. Performances each evening
at locations to be named and reported widely.

· Why?: For the fun of it, naturally, as well as meeting and dueling
with top bards from all over. And if you outscore—or really
impress—the Iron Bard, you may be Awarded your own IRON status for the
next season.

· Season?: You betcha! We are taking this gig to all major wars and
bardic symposiums, with a cumulative score standings and a grandly
ostentatious prize for the Grand Champion.

· Who are the Judges?: Never you mind! You'll see when you get there.
Apply via email to IRONBARDZ at AOL.COM State name, SCA name, contact
info, forms you'd consider competing in, date of arrival at Pennsic

Christopher Froste
Second Mate of the Iron Lotus

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