[Bards] Ansteorran Bardic Tavern at Gulf Wars

Kathy Elliott bardkat at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 1 20:47:50 PST 2005

It's Official!

Ansteorra will be hosting a Known World Bardic Circle at Gulf Wars!  It will
be held on Tuesday night, in the Ansteorran royal pavilion, from 8:00 pm
until?  Many beverages will be provided by the Loch Soilleir Brewers Guild,
but of course, any additional donations are gratefully appreciated.  Please
make plans to join us, and help spread the word!

I have also been asked about organizing a roaming bardic evening at the war.
I think this is a fine idea!  How does Wednesday night at 8 pm sound?  (And
if we have fun Wednesday, maybe we'll go again on Thursday, Friday, Saturday
...)  Meet at the Ansteorran pavilion, and come a-barding with us!

See you in Meridies!

Katrina of Coventry
Kingdom Bard

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