[Bards] hello again

dani seguin dseguin at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 3 13:25:57 PST 2005

well I just got an email today about the site.   My current job sucks 
the iq out of my skull so thoroughly that I couldn't remember alden's 
name.  lol.  However when I saw the posts, I saw snorri's post and 
others.  Seems that some mistook the purpose of what I was doing.  No 
big, but it might be clarified a little.

I was given a quantity of material and sought to organize it the best 
that I could.  The best way I could find to get people initially hyped 
about it was to go after the original songwriters who obviously did 
material that might not be found anywhere else.  As for the rest of it, 
I put anything I could think of.  If I look at this site in a year or 
two and it still looks similar, I will be amazed that my design had held 
up.  heh!   I expect it to get torn apart and put back together.  I just 
wanted the site to live.  I dont care who gets the credit.   But if 
you're not willing to provide material, dont complain too much if its 
not on the site.

oh, we got two cars now, so i've started going back to fighter 
practice.  I love fencing.  the snick snack of the blades.  And the 
visceral thrill of shoving three feet of steel into somebody's gut.  
sigh.  might write a poem about that.

anyway. tata for now
aka pubear

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