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Dear Lady Ann 

The Modern Haiku is not period for my persona could it be possible to
include the Tanka as part of the competition. the Haiku is the first
three lines of the Tanka

Duchess Willow de Wisp. 
Another type of Japanese poetry is the Tanka. It's older than the famous
Haiku, but not as well known. The Tanka has been a well known type of
poetry in Japan for about 1300 years. After every special event or
occasion a Tanka was written about the event. Tanka tends to be longer
than the Haiku so it allows the poet to express his or her feelings in
more depth. Typically the Tanka is written about one's feelings. In order
to write this type of poetry, one must write about something they have a
great love for and are passionate about. For example, nature, a place,
family, a loved one, or their own daily life, most likely whatever you
feel is right. A well written Tanka creates a vivid image which is
related to emotions. This type of poetry gives poets the opportunity to
express their own feelings in an unique way. 
The basic technique of writing a Tanka poem is that it has 31 syllables
with 5 lines. The order of the syllables are 5,7,5,7,7. This is how
people in America write Tanka poetry; however, in Japan it would be
written in one straight line. . A well written Tanka usually consists of
one theme that describes a general idea throughout the whole poem. .
Thinking about your daily life and your experiences might help you come
up with a theme of your own.

On Fri, 20 May 2005 15:04:52 -0500 "D. Vandever" <hlannes at ev1.net>
> Thank you, Your Grace, for posting this. I was going to print off 
> something
> from a book I have to use as a handout for the Steppes Bardic 
> competition
> but if I have your permission, I could just use this with only a 
> paragraph
> or two from the book I have.
> Annes
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