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We had our Bardic Championship Oct 22nd and HL Amata (Mot) is the new Bard of Bryn Gwlad . 

Alden Drake <alden_drake at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
Fellow bards,
Although Voices of the Star II has been postponed, I am still intent on keeping a record of branch
bardic champions. Below is the list as I currently have it. If anyone can send me updates, I
would appreciate it. Those with *** preceeding them are ones that I haven't changed since Voices

With thanks,

***Amloch(?) - 
***Aldersruhe – Lord Alexander von Ness
***Bjornsborg – None
***Blacklake – 
***Bonwicke – Duchess Willow de Wisp
Bordermarch – Lady Angelique Le Woulfe
Brad Leah – Dona Antonia Bianca Santiago da Lagos
Bryn Gwlad – Sir Pendaran Glamorgan
***Chemin Noir –
Crossrode Keep – Duchess Willow de Wisp
Dragonsfire Tor – Master Darius of the Bells
Eldern Hills – Lord Grímólfr Einarsson
Elfsea – Xian Xue
***Emerald Keep – 
***Ffynnon Gath – 
Gate’s Edge – Jason Blackfox
***Glaslyn – HL Esther of Ennis Merth (AUG 27)
***Graywood – Lady Michele de Busseby
***La Marche Sauvage – 
***Lindenwood – 
Loch Ruadh – Lord Pádraig Ruad Ó Maolagáin
Loch Soilleir – Lord Alden Drake
Mendersham – Lady Simone Ui’Dunlainghe
***Middleford – Sir Kenneth MacQuarrie of Tobermory
Moonschadowe – Sir Marcus de la Forest (thru Sep-05)
Namron – HL Finnacan Dub
Northkeep – HL Bianca della Vittoria
Raven’s Fort – Lord Gregor of Elfingstone
Rivers Run – HL Sibeal inghean ui Ruairc
***Rosenfeld – Geoffrey Clark
Seawinds – Lord Madog of Glastonbury
***Skarrgard – Lord Gunnar Thordarsson
***Shadowlands – Lady Liadain???
Stargate – HL Thomas atte Wood of Epping
Steppes – HL Elanor O’Ruark
***Stone Bridge Keep – Lady Diana Viriconium
***Tempio – 
Three Bridges – Dormant
***Tir Medoin – None
***Trelac – None
Wastelands – HE Ainar Magnusson
Westgate – None
***Wiesenfeuer – Uriah Wolfstar
Bard of the Archers - Lyllianne the Poetess

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