[Bards] On-Line Bardic Circle!!! WOOT!!!...Beware of miscreant activites!!!!

angelinblackink angelinblackink at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 7 12:59:45 PDT 2005

Hey all, I thought I'd try once more to get a bardic circle group up here!  But as we all know, if we don't work together a little it won't take off.  Oh well, if you are at all interested, I've got it on Yahoo Groups at:
Web Address:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AnotherMiscreantBardicCircle 

Email Address: 
 AnotherMiscreantBardicCircle at yahoogroups.com 


I've started uploading text files of my bard book now but there will be more i swear it!  ((...dramatic pause followed by quiet time with nothing but many cricket chirps...))  Well thanks for the help and participation guys^_^

Always in service to you all
and The Dream,
-Xian Xue-
-Titled Bard of Elfsea-
-Miscreant at Large-

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