[Bards] Duchess Willow's Bardic Circles

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Fri Apr 14 11:42:38 PDT 2006

Greetings Your Grace,

You mention that a good circle requires time, money and energy.  I assume 
there's a good amount of planning and prep work required as well.  At the 
risk of stating what may seem obvious to you, would you mind telling us (in 
some detail, please) exactly how you go about planning and executing a good 
bardic circle?

Perhaps, if you would share your experience and spell it all out for us, it 
would help us rebuild some of the bardic traditions we seem to be on the 
verge of losing.

Thank you!

Melody McGregor

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>Hi Everyone this is Willow
>I really liked the concept of the Crowns hosting performing circles. I 
>remember HM Finn Kelly having them all the time. In fact we used to have 
>wonderful circles until  HM Inman decided that he and his Baron/ess didn't 
>have to be "hostage dinner theater audience" and banned all entertainmen 
>during dinner. I am sure that he didn't mean to stopped everything, but 
>people get confused and tend to go over board. Also there was a theory that 
>these circle "just happened". I used to spend a lot of time, money and 
>energy making those circles so I knew they just didn't happen. I had to 
>stop doing them when my health got poorer. I have lots of the props and 
>would be willing to lend them. As a Duchess I would be willing to host a 
>circle, but I would need help with setting things up and covering the cost 
>of the torches or lighting. I would be willing to provide Largess.I might 
>be able to get a few other Roses and we could host it as a group.
>  I miss the bardic areas we used to have at Warlord. The difference was it 
>didn't belong to any one and so it was a place someone could go and not be 
>crashing someone's private party.
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