[Bards] Bardic and Performing Arts (Long)

Esther reese_esther at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 16 13:32:52 PDT 2006

A couple of observations, take them as you will:
  It's hard to treat the position of titled bard as a job, when you have three or four of them hanging off your belt.
  I've seen the few dedicated people Kathy describes as the starter for bardic do exactly this -- and when they get too tired, or real life intervenes, or they just get burnt out from hauling a heavy wagon, and they stop, bardic stops.
  Bardic circles face stiff competition from private household parties, which take away a lot of the traffic the bardic circles once got. Haflas also take a lot of the traffic as well, which is a simple observation, not a bitch or a slam against Haflas and Middle Eastern dance. It's just an observation. And, as Kathy pointed out, even those who camp at events usually only have one evening for fun -- they arrive Saturday morning and leave Sunday morning. 
  Events have grown in complexity, too. With the option of one 'official' event a year for Shires, etc., and two for Baronies, the events get stuffed with everything that group wants to do that year. 12 Champions, all crammed in one Saturday -- not a lot of time for leisure. Then you add in courts and awards and the parties for the awardees....
  As I said, some observations. Not impedements, but things to keep in mind when trying to get people to come and bard.

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